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A basketball tour to the United States is the ultimate combination of games, cultural exchanges and getting up close with the world's best players. Showtime Basketball tailors each of their basketball tours to ensure your USA basketball tour will create life long memories.


Showtime tailors each USA tour to suit your budget, needs and travel dates. Every tour is fully customisable, filled with multiple NBA and college basketball games, unique NCAA college experiences, major sightseeing attractions, and of course high-quality competition to make this your trip of a lifetime.


Our staff has over a decade of experience in coordinating tours from start to finish and will make planning your tour a breeze, ensuring nothing is left to chance. We have been scheduling games with college, high school and other teams across the USA for over a decade. Our detailed approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in compiling a suitable schedule of games for your team - whether that be a local social team looking for a friendly game or a highly talented club, school or state program looking for high-end competition with potential exposure to college coaches.

Our vast experience in scheduling games has also incorporated cultural exchanges with host teams that range from pizza parties after the game, to enjoying classes at American high schools and homestays with local families. With our team of tour coordinators located in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne, help is close-by to assist you with your tour planning.

Our starting tour packages include everything you need for a successful tour - flights, accommodation, ground travel, competition, NBA and NCAA experiences, entry to Disneyland, cultural and educational experiences, comprehensive tour coordination and group presentations while there is a full range of tour options that can be added to any of our tour packages (including sightseeing experiences, luggage, uniforms and travel insurance (travel insurance is a requirement for all tours) to make each tour completely tailored to your requirements.

Browse through our USA Tour Destinations page to see which destinations offer the type of basketball tour you're looking for, see why Showtime's NBA and NCAA experience will make your hoops dreams come to reality, and start planning your ultimate USA hoops experience with a call to your local Showtime Basketball tour coordinator. 

USA Basketball Tour
USA Basketball Tour
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