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Showtime Basketball was started by Kelvin Taylor in 2002 in order to work with basketball communities across Australia and the USA by providing unique recruiting and travel opportunities. Kelvin resides in Australia but is regularly in the USA. His trips have seen him visit over 150 US college campuses, 40 US states and close to 100 top USA tourist attractions. Closer to home, Kelvin regularly visits clients across Australia and visits Australia’s tourist hot spots to engage in sightseeing activities such as snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, driving the Great Ocean Road, touring the Sydney Opera House and climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Kelvin and his team at Showtime have a hands-on approach ensuring that no stone is left unturned in pursuit of the ultimate tour experience for each of their tour groups. His unique skill set of college recruiting, elite international coaching, NCAA and US high school regulations and comprehensive travel planning has created a lifetime of memories for thousands travellers on basketball tours between Australia and the USA (and vice-versa).

Showtime Basketball tailor each and every tour to suit the needs and budget of your team, and our network of contacts across both the USA and Australia will ensure your team has access to the best games, experiences and facilities available whilst our detailed approach will ensure your tour is hassle free.


If you’re looking for the ultimate basketball tour..... #ExperienceShowtime

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