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The staff at Showtime Basketball aim to make your tour experience as pleasant as possible. Our dedicated team of staff across Australia and the United States guide you though every step of the tour process, from planning travel dates and destinations, right through to what clothes to pack and finding appropriate competition for your team to play against.


Every tour with Showtime Basketball includes a service focused on you, the customer, as we plan your Down Under adventure. Each tour with Showtime Basketball includes - 



USd - Scuba Diving
  • Pre-tour planning meeting with Showtime Basketball on your campus

  • Detailed traveller information kits to prepare each traveller for their Aussie adventure 

  • Intuitive scheduling - we work with you to schedule games that suits your needs, whether that be high level games or games against teams with players with college eligibility 

  • Optional clinics with special needs, underprivileged and/or elementary school groups

  • Australian tour guides with local knowledge of the best sights, attractions and eateries to visit throughout your tour

  • Detailed self-guide packets for each traveller outlining top attractions, sights and eateries at all destinations

  • Australian Gift Pack for each tour member 

  • Access to Australian professional sports teams throughout the tour

  • Complete sanctioning with ALL Australian and United States bodies

  • Access to Showtime Basketball’s Virtual Tour Guide list top sights to visit and eateries through out your tour

  • Australian mobile phones and mobile Wi-Fi devices to use throughout the tour

  • Detailed tour itineraries for staff and players

  • Showtime Basketball "Welcome Dinner"

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