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Kelvin Taylor has been arranging tours to the USA for a decade, he has always ensured that our tour needs have been met without a hassle. His wealth of knowledge regarding college and high school hoops is unrivalled, while his extensive network of contacts across the USA has allowed our teams access to college facilities and events we could have only dreamt of seeing.


Kelvin's detailed approach to planning the tour ensures that nothing is left to chance and goes the extra miles to ensure your tour experience is as smooth as possible while on the ground in the USA. My dealings with Kelvin Taylor have been nothing less than first class, if you’re looking for the ultimate USA basketball tour experience Kelvin is your man.

Kevin Goorjian

Head Coach, Box Hill Senior Secondary College, VIC


I’ve been extremely fortunate over my 28 years in coaching to take 8 foreign tours.  I’ve been to Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, China and Mexico. But in the summer 2015 I took the Yale Men’s Basketball team to Australia.  It was extraordinary, and honestly the best foreign tour I’ve been a part of; Kelvin Taylor and Showtime Basketball showed us a tour I will never forget.  Their attention to every detail was outstanding, and gave us an experience of a lifetime.  If you’re thinking about going don’t think, just do, you’ll thank me.

James Jones

Head Coach, Yale University, CT


Showtime provided a wonderful experience for our players and families. Our tour was professionally organised and had great support apps and staff contacts if needed. On court experience of playing against different styles of play in the US was fantastic for the development of our young players. Home stays were a highlight and the inside access experiences with NCAA and NBA teams including a high five line with the LA Clippers were priceless. 100% going to be booking in another tour for our club in the next couple of years.

Tim Sanderson

Development an High Performance Manager, Bellarine Storm, VIC

"What we most enjoyed was the specialization that Showtime Basketball Tours organized.  They catered specifically to our requested itinerary.  Their knowledge of the various places that we visited saved us a great deal of research and preparation work and insured a fantastic experience for our team.  We had requested many of the usual tourist activities, but also requested some cultural activities that weren't perhaps as popular and they made special arrangements to fulfill our request.  


From the beginning to end, we were pampered with amazing food, sights, adventures and accommodations.   The level of basketball in Australia is terrific and provided us with challenging competition and a chance to effectively evaluate the areas necessary for growth.  Kelvin Taylor was able to match us our competitive needs perfectly.


Every aspect of our journey was well planned.  Jesse Clark even travelled with us to Australia prepared to handle any detail along the way.  Awesome trip.  Awesome people!"

Faith Mimnaugh

Head Coach, Cal Poly Women’s Basketball, CA

It was a fabulous trip that I would highly recommend  to anyone that asked me about it. It was very busy but had a great balance of basketball and sightseeing. Great job - it was amazing!

Judy Lane

Basketball Coach, Sheldon College, QLD

BH - K_Goorjian (SBB Hoodie) w B_Simmons
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UNC CLT 49ers on court  - BELL (Jan2020)
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Worked with Kelvin from Showtime Basketball to put together the 2018/19 USA Tour for the McKinnon U18 Boys. Kelvin’s knowledge of USA basketball logistics and overall tour experiences is excellent and makes Showtime Basketball a leader in USA basketball tours.

Mark Sainsbery

Operations Manager, McKinnon Cougars, VIC

Kelvin Taylor and Showtime Basketball provided an incredible experience for our players, coaches and fans. The tour through Melbourne, Cairns and Sydney has provided a lifetime of memories for all involved. The Oklahoma State Cowgirls played quality competition while also experienced snorkeling and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, climbed the world-famous Sydney Harbor Bridge as well as visiting the beaches of Bondi and Manly.


Kelvin’s organization, attention to detail and ability to interact with our players and fans was totally first class. I would highly recommend Showtime Basketball for your international tour experience.

Jim Littell

Head Coach, Oklahoma State University Women's Basketball

I’ve had the chance to work with Kelvin for two tours of the USA, most recently an Eltham U18 Boys group in December 2015. We had specific requests regarding the type of games and matching it with our standard of team and then also with accommodation and preferences in regard to travel. The result of Kelvin’s work was one that saw us play in multiple tournaments, as we preferred to do, some billet time, plenty of opportunities to attend Colleges for a visit, but then also observe College and NBA matches. Kelvin’s experience in conducting tours allows for comfort as a tour leader that everything is going to go to plan. Our athletes had an amazing experience thanks to the work of Kelvin.

Greg Jeffers

Head Coach / CEO, Eltham Wildcats, VIC

This trip to Australia was the ultimate experience for our team, the perfect combination of games, sightseeing activities and beach time for our guys.


Our staff never had to worry about a thing, Kelvin Taylor and his staff at Showtime Basketball handled every aspect of the tour from day one, they came to campus to ensure our trip was planned exactly to our needs and their level of service was simply out of this world.

The trip was first class from start to finish!  I'd travel with Showtime again in a heartbeat, Showtime is the only way to travel 'Down Under'.

Greg McDermott

Head Basketball, Creighton University, NE

In August 2013 we took our women’s basketball team on a foreign tour to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Kelvin Taylor and Showtime Basketball assisted us with our Australian leg, since we were also visiting New Zealand and Fiji we decided on focus only on the Melbourne area.

We had an amazing time and everything was organized perfectly, Showtime Basketball was very flexible and listened to our needs and wants and the whole trip worthwhile. They were also very present during our stay and made sure we were taken care of the entire time. Hotels, transportation, entertainment and the level of competition were all exactly what we were looking for.

Angelika Szumilo

Associate Head Coach, Fordham University Women's Basketball, NY

I cant recommend Kelvin Taylor enough for your USA tour, we have used his services and experienced nothing but the best tours, great basketball, high level school basketball and the best itineraries around. Do your self a favour travel with Kelvin and get the trip of a life time for your players.

Daniel Stratford

Director of Basketball, Tenison Woods College, SA


From the moment I was notified that Showtime Basketball was planning our tour to Australia, I knew that we would receive top-notch service and attention to detail. Because Jesse Clark is a women's college basketball coach, he knows and understands what coaches are looking for when we take our teams on these tours, and he was willing to pursue any avenue we suggested. Kelvin and Jesse did an outstanding job of working together to secure the excursions that we wanted, opportunities to walk around and see the sites on our own, down time when we anticipated needing it, and quality competition to make sure that we were challenged on the basketball court. Our entire travel party will be forever grateful to Showtime Basketball for their personal attention to every detail of the entire trip, and we will cherish the memories of our time in Australia for a lifetime.

Keila Whittington

Head Coach, Saint Francis University (PA) Women's Basketball

Kelvin was exceptionally helpful pre-tour and gave realistic timeframes of when information and uniforms would be provided to those on tour. Kelvin was able to provide games at a variety of skill levels and locations around the USA and were very accommodating to the individual needs and destinations of the tour. Kelvin also provided excellent means of communicating back home and navigating when on the ground in the USA. The players on the tour left with an experience of a lifetime they will never forget, and only good memories of basketball and the USA. I highly recommend using Kelvin to organize your next USA Tour.

Brendan Jackson

Head Coach, Bulleen Boomers, VIC

Our trip to Australia was life changing for all involved.  With the help of Showtime Basketball we played some great competition, interacted with the amazing people of Australia and observed the incredible landscape that both Sydney and Cairns has to offer.  After two weeks down under our team developed  incredible bond. Thanks to Kelvin and Showtime for making this one in a lifetime trip a reality.

Janet Berry

Head Basketball Coach, Buena Vista University

This is my third time competing against the young men from Australia and it has been better and better each year.  This past year I think our kids were most intrigued about the popularity of the Australian Rules football and how many of the kids came in with the football and how to perform the kicks and passes.  I even had some of our kids in our physical education classes ask could we play. 

Kelvin was the man with the plan when it come to dotting the I's and crossing the T's.  He was very available if we had any questions and worked around all the things that can happen on a trip like this so the young men were able to stay on the itinerary.   All in all for Cedar Ridge High School the past three years have been an eye opening and positive experience for all involved and look forward to continuing it.

Clay Jones

Head Coach, Cedar Ridge High School, NC


I hosted Australian teams in my girls basketball tournament at Lincoln High in Stockton, CA. Kelvin always arranged for us to host a great group of girls and a competitive team. Kids at the High School loved the experience of being able to interwar with the team and learn from them as well show them what we had to offer. Those girls that came to Lincoln High built relationships with our host families and were provided a home away from home. 


Dealing with Kelvin has always been both easy and personal. Communication and organization was always a priority and he gave us his very best. I look forward to my school, basketball program, and myself building more relationships with teams through his tours. 

Chris Roemer

Head Coach, Lincoln High School, Stockton, CA

Our experience with Kelvin has been impressive with regard to tours, college recruitment and general advice as he has always exceeded our expectations. Kelvin has exceptional knowledge of the NCAA process and provides reliable, timely advice that is best for the athlete.

Kelvin’s most impressive asset in coordinating tours was the amount of experiences Kelvin has been able to facilitate which added significant value. Meeting the Mavs, Patty Mills and the Spurs as well as behind the scenes tour of Duke and NC State are still highlights for our tourers.

Grant Barclay

Head Coach / Tour Leader, Marist College ACT

Hosting a Aussie team is great, the games are fun but the time our kids have together is the best. I feel it is an experience every player should have the chance to enjoy, the games we have played have been very organized by Kelvin Taylor – he does a great job setting up each trip. He is in constant contact with you, is really helpful and easy to work with. Without out Kelvin our game would have never happen. We would love to host a team again as soon as we are able to. 

Mike Carlquist

Head Coach, Okanogan High School, WA

We decided to embark on the basketball experience of a lifetime with Kelvin Taylor – from the outset we knew we had made the right decision. Every possible detail had been taken care of, no ask or question was ever a problem. The personalised and professional service shone through when our LA bound flight was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Seattle, a call to Kelvin back in Melbourne, at some ungodly hour and he sprung into action and he immediately arranged alternate flights, overnight accommodation and relayed to the folk in Alaska that the Aussie’s had been delayed.

A fantastic trip was had by all with many life long memories and friendships made across the USA made that much easier and memorable for all the right reasons thanks Kelvin. I can only hope that we get to do it again!!

Michelle Kroussoratis

Tour Leader, Kilsyth Cobras, VIC

I wanted to thank you for many years of spirited and wonderful competition between our two countries! The boys and girls basketball games were just the beginning of a wonderful cultural and social exchange between all of our Student/Athletes. I think the highlights were the stories our students were able to share about their lives while sharing a dinner.

I believe all of our young people came to understand and embrace each others cultures, Kelvin does a first class job in all areas of these amazing and joyous events and I hope we can continue to share these great moments for many years to come.

Eric ‘Rock’ Eisenberg

Athletic Director, Tilden High School, Brooklyn NY

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