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A basketball tour to the USA is a unique opportunity to experience just how popular college basketball in America is, whilst also providing

an oppourtunity for elite players to showcase their skills to college coaches.

Showtime Basketball has a long history with US colleges, having worked with over 100 players who have obtained college scholarships through our network of contacts and arranging countless up-close experiences with NCAA colleges.

Showtime's "NCAA Experience" has opened thousands of travellers eyes to the world of college basketball and given so many young basketballers' experiences they will never forget at these famed college basketball institutions.

Each Showtime Basketball tour includes two exclusive NCAA Experiences. We aim to provide each tour group experiences at colleges of various prestige with unique levels of engagement working in with your tour destinations and the availability of colleges in the area.

Our staff have connections with a network of close to 200 US colleges. Some of the well-known NCAA colleges we have arranged experiences with are -



SMU Mustangs



San Diego State


North Carolina



Saint Mary's

UCLA Bruins

Some of the unique experiences our staff have arranged for past tour groups visiting NCAA college campuses include -

Courtside seats for practice

Campus Tours

Practice on College Courts

Behind the Scenes Stadium Tours

Photoshoots in the team locker room

Lectures from Coaching staff

If you want your USA basketball tour to have access to top college programs across the USA where you will enjoy the ultimate NCAA

College Hoops Experience, contact the staff at Showtime Basketball

today to start planning your tour .

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