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Club: Limited - 3/4 games per team. Approx 20 independent schools that can play club team

School Teams: Good, KHSAA members can play Australian school teams


Homestay/Billeting: Yes, for all tour teams

Hotels: Budget to luxury hotels available throughout


Avg high of 9C to 14C during the days, avg low of -2C to 3C overnight, avg of 25% of days with rain in Dec/Jan


Public Transport: Poor, not recommended

Charter/Self Drive: Self Drive recommended for most groups, charter coach is also available 


NBA: Pacers (2 hr mins north of Louisville)

NFL: Titans (30 min south of Kentucky), Bengals (on Ohio-Kentucky border), Colts (2 hr north of Louisville)

NHL (Ice-Hockey): Nil

MLB (Baseball): Nil

muhammad ali

Kentucky and the neighbouring states of Ohio and Indiana are the basketball heartland of America. Basketball in Kentucky and Indiana is a way of life, every driveway as a basketball hoops and high schools game can attract crowds of up to 8,000 people. High schools in Kentucky can compete against school teams from Australia, the level of basketball is excellent and the hosts are eager to feed and house their opposition whilst learning about Aussie culture - a highlight of any tour!

Marque college programs Kentucky and Louisville are located just an hour apart, while many other top college programs (Ohio State, Xavier, Indiana, Butler, Murray State and more) are within a couple of hours of the city of Louisville. In total across the tri-states there are 30 Division One college programs, the atmosphere at a college game in this part of the world is phenomenal, while the college facilities are also phenomenal. 

For those who want to experience the NBA, the Pacers are easily accessible and there are three NFL teams close by. The region’s rich sports history is exemplified with sports-based attractions such as the Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville Slugger Museum, Great American Ball Park, Ali Center, showcasing the life to Muhammad Ali; and the NCAA Hall of Champions. All are fantastic exhibits.

If you want a full on hoops experience, take a trek across America’s basketball heartland.

What to do in KENTUCKY 

Underground Railroad Museum

Great Amercian Ballpark Tour

Ali Center - OUR  REVIEW 

Kentucky Derby Museum - OUR  REVIEW 

Louisville Slugger Museum - OUR  REVIEW 

Univ of Kentucky - OUR  REVIEW 

Univ of Louisville - OUR  REVIEW 

Carew Tower

NCAA Hall of Champions

US Air Force Museum

kentucky derby
Kentucky - Louisville Slugger
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