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Showtime Basketball has a unique network of contacts across both Australia and the USA. Our network in the USA alone is 250+ college coaches strong, all of whom access an Australian player database that we run. Over the past decade we have hosted 30+ colleges in Australia, assisting them with tours and the recruitment of Australian players. Our database has listed over 200 players who have gone on to obtain college scholarships in the USA, and many who have gone on to successful professional careers post-college.

Showtime Basketball's Australian Player Database is free of charge for any Australian player to be listed on. Once registered, players are linked with US colleges and college coaches contact those players that they are interested in recruiting.

US college coaches can access Showtime's database for no cost, giving them access to some of Australia's top basketball prospects. All players featured on our database are evaluated by our experienced staff in consultation with other elite coaches from across Australia. Each player's profile includes an evaluation along with their contact information.

In June 2017 Showtime began using 'FieldLevel' to manage their database of Australian players. This platform allows college coaches to access up-to-date details and evaluations of players in our network. FieldLevel also allows players to update their profile at anytime with new contact information, video footage, academic information, and more. 

Australian players and college coaches can join FieldLevel today by clicking the link on the right and searching for 'Showtime Basketball' teams. US college coaches can sign up to Showtime's free mailing list for additional updates on Australian recruits.

Our staff have also compiled a number of documents to assist Australian players in preparing to play college basketball in the USA. Check out our 'Links' page for further information on achieving a scholarship to a US college.

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